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Turken Chickens

Recently in April, I purchased two Turken Chickens also known as ‘Naked Necks.’  They are said to be a relatively rare in North America, but I had no problems picking out these two beauts at Orschelns.

turken one  turken two

When you look at them, you automatically think they have turkey in their blood.  They are all chicken though.  The orangish-brown one has been named, Franny and the white one is Snow White.

From what I’ve read about these Turkens, they were bred to make plucking and cleaning easier.  Hence the lack of feathers on their necks. Even with their shortcomings, they have a lot of positives.  Turkens are said to do very well in extreme cold and hot weather.  I have not experienced this yet, but am hoping it is true.

These gals will lay a light brown, medium size egg and are fair egg layers.  Fair being 2-3 eggs a week.  Definitely not the best layers, but i didn’t buy them for their egg laying ability.  Their looks are what caught my eye.

From being around them, they are friendly, curious birds and are very tame.  When I am sitting, Franny enjoys hopping up on my lap or shoulder.  She ‘talks’ to me a lot as well by making various bird noises.  Snow White isn’t much of a hopper.  From the get-go, she has had problems jumping on boxes or other perches.  Her tail feathers aren’t as long as the other chickens, so I’m thinking this could be the problem but am unsure.

Thus far, Turken Chickens have fit in well with us.  They are gentle with my children and keep us entertained on the farm.

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