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Texas Caviar Dip

There are many variations of Texas Caviar dip. Though it is called a dip, it is basically a salsa you serve with chips. I took a basic recipe and tweaked it to my liking.

Texas Caviar Recipe

1 Pint Cherry or Grape tomatoes

1 Green Pepper

1 Orange Pepper

2 Jalapeños

1 Bunch Green Onions

1 Bunch Cilantro

2 TSP Garlic

1 Can Mexicorn

1 Can Black Beans

1 Can Pinto Beans

1 24 Ounce Bottle Italian Dressing

Wash all vegetables thoroughly.

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces that can easily be picked up with a chip.

Take the green and orange peppers and the jalapeños, remove the stem and seeds. Cut into small pieces as well.

The green onions will need to have the root removed. The entire onion, from bulb to the stem, needs to be added as well.

Believe it or not, but the cilantro is what makes this dip so sweet. You will need to remove the harder stems at the end of the bunch and chop the cilantro into small pieces.

As far as the garlic goes, I use a store bought pre minced brand. Measure out two teaspoons.

Open both cans of beans, drain and rinse. The Mexicorn will not require this.

Gently stir all of this into a bowl and add your Italian dressing. I use about 20 ounces of the 24 ounce bottle. You can add less or more.

The dip is best if refrigerated for a couple hours. Even better if over night.

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