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It's only cool to take pictures of your food if you grow it !

Schaefer/Thomas Yard – Gardner, KS

Winter 2014

Lots of Big Changes in our household as Maverick has Finally arrived. He’s a few weeks old now and we are  adjusting great. I’ve gone back to work after about 2 weeks home with Jenn and the baby, and Jenn and Mav are getting along great.

ang and jenn


The dogs are adjusting pretty well although not necessarily as we expected. We assumed that  it would be our older boxer Hurley that would really be interested in the new family member however it’s actually been DJ who wont stop checking on our little man.

mav &Dj


Summer 2013

My name is Angela. My partner’s name is Jen, but let’s be honest, I do most of the gardening. I grew up with a very experienced gardner, my dad. In the summers when he wasn’t working he was tending to the garden which was probably big enough to feed 10 families. So I guess maybe that’s where it all started for me. A little bit wanting to be like my dad, a little bit of loving the outdoors and a lot of loving the taste of fresh produce, real fresh produce. Dirt in your toenails all summer long fresh produce. I currently have a decent sized fenced off lot for my garden. I have a lot to learn aside from what my mom and dad have taught me but that’s the part I enjoy. Learning in what circumstances plants flourish the most. Every summer I pack it with my favorite things as well as some new things. Mostly vegetables but I try to squeeze in strawberries and watermelon when I can.

Being outside with nature is extremely freeing for me. Some people go to church, I tend to the things in and around my yard. It doesn’t get any more spiritual than that, for me at least. Watching things grow helps me remember how truly amazing life really is.

I’m hoping to share anything I’ve learned along the way through family teaching as well as trial and error. Gardening is hard and I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t make some part of me whole.

Jen & Me

Me outside my childhood home right before my mom moved. The lot my dad gardened every summer was right across the street.

This is a garden imp I bought for my dad for his current garden. It’s hard to capture the size of his garden since he had just planted, but it goes on and on.

Jen tilling our lot, getting ready to plant!

As you can see, one of our challenges in this particular lot, is ROCKS. I don’t know why and I don’t know where they come from, but we pick out bucket fulls every year! The plants don’t seem to mind too much but it does make it hard sometimes when you’re trying to dig a hole and you hit a big ‘ol rock.

We eat a lot of salads at my house so we always plant lettuce. It seems to do very well every year and continues to grow each time we cut the leaves down.

Corn stalks on their way. I tried a handful of plants last summer and I had some ears but the heat got to them too quickly and didn’t turn out very well. I’m hoping to have more luck this year; we love corn on the cob. I’m being especially diligent this year in watering everyday – with the Kansas heat and dry air you almost have to.

One banana pepper so far. My experience with banana peppers and jalapenos is that they are way to flipping hot. I think both of these peppers would be better to cook with – salsa perhaps.

I love onions because they’re very easy to care for. If you’re not into watering your plants everyday these are great. I typically plant my garden all at once because I’m always waiting for the last freeze or the rain to dry out enough to till. BUT, the way to do it is to plant onions and potatoes 2 weeks to a month before everything else. Both of these plants are very adaptable to the weather and it takes some time for them to reach their full size. It’s always good to give them a head start.

Here is a full view of the garden around the beginning of June.

A grackle enjoying a fresh bath.

Doing work (pulling weeds).

Green bean plants.

Tomatoes soon!

Corn is looking good so far!

Every garden needs a gnome.

The cucumbers are crawling……

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