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Naturally Clean a Front Load Washer

Last April my husband and I made the decision to move to on base housing (which was the best decision ever!!). Along with a bigger apartment, backyard, and garage, we have a laundry room (YAY!!!). So we purchased a front load washer and dryer. When Lowes came to deliver our washer and dryer I made some small talk with the delivery men (I always make small talk because I feel like I always get a little extra info about the area or the item I purchased). In this case it really paid off! The delivery man gave me some tips that I didn’t know or would have even thought about my new little gems to Naturally Clean a Front Load Washer ! First he said after washing never close the door to the washer so that the washer can air out, he said that when you close it the water can’t dry out which will cause mildew. Second he said after doing laundry, whether it be 1 or 5 loads, wipe in the rubber piece that wraps around the front of the washer, he said if you don’t just wipe around real quick after washing mildew a long with other things (I find my dogs hair in there) will build up and make it smelly.

(I’m not very good at explaining what I’m talking about so here is a picture!)

I normally clean my washer about once every 4-6 months. It honestly depends on if you maintain it well.
So those are two tips that help me maintain a clean washer. Below I am going to tell y’all how I Naturally Clean a Front Load Washer.


To Naturally Clean a Front Load Washer You will need:
A bowl
Wash cloth or sponge
Warm water
Baking soda

1. First you need to mix any where from 1-2 cups of warm water to 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda.

2. Get your wash cloth or sponge and saturate it in the water and baking soda mix


3. Use the wash cloth and wipe down the entire washer on the inside and where you pour the detergent. **DONT FORGET THE RUBBER PIECE**


4. Pour the vinegar where you would typically pour detergent.


5. Put your washer on a quick wash but make sure to put the water on hot.


6. Let the cycle run. Once it beeps make sure to open the door and let it air out and dry!

I find this one of the biggest issues with the front load washers. I hope it helps!!!

Till next time, Hooah!

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