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All natural garbage disposal and dishwasher deodorizer

One of my biggest pet peeves is when either my disposal or my dishwasher starts to stink.  There have been times in the past where I have bought those disposal deodorizer pods. However they are expensive and I’d rather not waste my money. Turns out Its actually  very possible to use things that you already have in your home to deodorize both Simply and effectively.

To deodorize your Dishwasher take about 3/4 a cup of vinegar put it in a bowl or cup and set it right side up on the bottom level or your dishwasher. Next I like to take backing soda and put it where I would normally put the detergent. Then just run your dishwasher. * this works best if your dishwasher is  otherwise empty.




To Clean my disposal First I run warm water for a minute or two to make sure my disposal it cleaned out. Then  shut the water off and pour some baking soda and Salt directly into the disposal. Next pour in your vinegar.  You will see it foam up for a few moments after that you will want to run hot water again and turn on your garbage disposal. If you look on line you will see some variations of this, As I have found recipes online that use only baking soda and vinegar or only vinegar and salt. Another suggestion is toss in some lemon rind once you start up the disposal this will leave a nice lemony sent.

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