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Morris Family ,Bunker Hill KS

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We are finally moved into our new home!  Country life has been wonderful for us.  Our children are more active, the TV is on less, and we spend more time together as a family.  We are free out here.  No pesky neighbors or noisy cars and room to roam.

Packing and moving was very emotional for me.  We were leaving the house my children were babies in.  Countless memories that are embedded in my head.  There were times when the tears would start flowing.  I’d be packing up closets and stumble upon a baby toy or an old article of clothing.  It was hard.  We had lived in this house for 7 years.  Through this, I reminded myself that we will be making bigger and better memories at our new home.  This kept me going.

The mornings and evenings are the best out here.  Mark and I relax on our deck and watch the animals in the field.  It’s a new kind of quiet for sure.  There is always birds talking and frogs croaking in the river water.  I would call it relaxing and breathtaking, but that is an understatement

Here is the south side of our house which faces the river.



Check out this link to Mark Adventure Going BEar Hunting in Alaska this year! As seen in the  2014 SOA hunting Catalog


My Bio:

Country living is in my soul. I grew up with the grass between my toes and the wind in my hair. I jumped hay bails and explored the land. We grew our own food in huge gardens and my grandparents had cattle and wheat fields. I am not afraid of hard work and getting my hands dirty. My mother made almost everything from scratch. I had no idea what a Twinkie was till I was in Junior High. I always thought I was missing out on things by living out in the middle of no where, but i was wrong. I look back on my youth and wouldn’t change it for anything. My background is something I cherish immensely and can’t wait for my children to experience the same childhood I did.

Even though we currently live in town and will until our new country home is completed, I still find the time to cook my own food. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy McDonald’s french fries and Frappes but do not rely on the franchise to feed us. I feel many families have grown accustomed to fast food and have pulled away from home cooking. Though, there is a trend starting where people my age are beginning to embrace their roots and whip out the rolling pin or mixer just like their moms’ and grandmas’ used to. I attribute a lot of this to Pinterest and the food porn that flows freely over their website.






Our son, Jake, who is 6 years old learning to shoot a crossbow.


Daddy and Jake having too much fun mowing.

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