Yard 2 Dinner Plate

It's only cool to take pictures of your food if you grow it !

Lindfors-Allen, Las Vegas, Nevada

Winter 2013-14












Summer 2013


Hello!  My name is Eva Allen.  I grew up in a fabulous small community in Kansas, called Marquette.  Right after college I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to be with the love of my life, Ryan.  We have a beautiful little girl named, Sophia, and she is our world!  People find it hard to imagine that we are living and raising a child in Las Vegas, but we love it.  I believe that as long as you have strong family values and love, you can raise a family anywhere.  I have a passion for gardening, but because we rent and move quite frequently I don’t have much to show for it.  My dream is to eventually get settled and have a wonderful garden.  Until then I have learned to adjust to the various landscapes and environments, which included a year and a half in Utah.  I also enjoy the three c’s: crocheting, cooking, and crafting.  Wow, I sound like I have the life of a 90 year old, but I’m really not an old hag! I am an old soul, but I have the spunk of a teenager (sometimes)!! I can’t wait to share some of my passions with you and also hope to give you a whole new perspective to life in Las Vegas, off of The Strip.  Thanks for your time!!

Viva la Eva!!

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