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It's only cool to take pictures of your food if you grow it !

Joiner Family, Tampa Fl

family pic   james 2yr bday

Dec 31 2013

Well hope everyone had a wonderful Holidays, we have been rather busy the last few month with visiting family, Little James’ 2nd birthday and getting ready for our New arrival, We are expecting another little boy sometime in the Middle of April. Morning sickness hit me pretty hard again this pregnancy but it wasn’t quite as bad as my first so I am very grateful for that.  Currently my garden is pretty over grown because  I live in Florida I cant go making excuses that it’s TOO COLD, since mostly its been in the 70’s and 80’s so instead I”ll just be honest and say mostly I’ve been to tired.

My Husband is quite the painter so I’ll leave you at a few sneak peaks of the new nursery.

hedgehog k's room   k's wall

July 2013


I grew up on a farm in Kansas, and moved across the country to Florida after I graduated college. But I really miss a lot of things about the simplicity of rural lifestyle.


I wouldn’t consider myself as having a green thumb but more of a persistent black thumb ( and no, that’s not a quip on my marriage. Gardening for me is the perfect semi-lazi activity that my family can enjoy and benefit from together. I also think of it somewhat as a science experiment.


I have been learning to garden vegetables for about 3 seasons and while still small this has been my biggest and most successful season thus far.


I think flowers are much easier to plant because there is more room for trial and error. I enjoy trying different plants, planting methods and different pest control methods, but mostly I enjoy learning new things as I go. I am in no by trying to claim expertise only documenting my experience as I go.


I’m really enjoying being able to go outside with my son and pick tomatoes and such. Even at 20 months it’s neat to see him understand that that’s food and he picked it. My husband also like to do various projects including painting and wood working projects so i feel like our son will grow up with a well rounded knowledge of what my grandparents would consider to be  useful things.





Because Florida has such sandy soil I use mostly raise beds, and pots for my veggies, I have gotten really big into companion planting . ( Above ) This pot had Greek Basil, Spicy Basil, Parsley and chives.


This planter ( above) is from a koi pond liner, i punched a ton of holes in it to help with drainage, most of the pepper plants you see in there are 2 + years old. there are bell peppers , banana peppers, cayenne peppers, and jumbo jalapenos. Peppers have a tendency to cross pollinate, which can mean you end up with slightly spicy bells, or less spicy jalapenos.

I’m fine with this. Typically you do not want to plant peppers in the same place for multiple years in a row. The roots of Cayenne Peppers have roots  that prevent root rot and other Fungal diseases that plants can get. Also  hot peppers are also less appealing to pests.

I had a huge problem with caterpillars eating my sweet and bell peppers earlier this summer but they barley touched any of my hot peppers.

In this same planter you will also notice I have marigolds, eggplant, purple basil and oregano. Oregano likes to spread along the bottom which helps keep the base of the pepper plants humid ( they like this). Egg plants peppers and tomatoes are all part of the nightshade family so they like the same growing conditions


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