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It's only cool to take pictures of your food if you grow it !

Gartner Family, Fort Drum New York

gartner fam 12.13

Happy New Year ! The last few months have brought along a ton of changes for us, as Baby Brantley finally arrived on November 6th and weighing 6 lbs 4 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.


This is my first official winter not in Florida and wow is it cold. I didn’t know there would be so much snow! Regardless of the cold,  I am definitely loving being a mommy it is the best feeling in the World!


We have enjoyed visiting family the last couple months, Brantley even became a international traveler visiting some of my family in Canada at only 7 weeks old.  My mother was here to help when Brantley was first born and was back for Christmas.  Brantley is starting to smile and laugh a lot now when we talk and Artie and I make faces at him. It fills me with such happiness. He even has begun to roll over! ! Life is Good !

Fall/ Summer 2013

Jilliam and Arthur

Hey! My name is Jilliam Gartner. I am 22 years old and I’m married to Arthur (Artie) Gartner. Artie joined the US Army over a year ago (making me a proud Army Wife) as a Calvary Scout in the 1st BCT 1-71 CAV. We are stationed in the very cold and frosty Fort Drum, NY just 30 miles south of Ottawa, Canada. Our new home has a climate that is very foreign to us since we are both native Floridians where the sun shines and trees are green year round. Artie and I are excited to share that we are expecting our first little one, Brantley Alan Gartner, this November. Ever since I found out I was pregnant it became important to try and be as organic as possible. I cut out cleaning products, I now use essential oils to clean, which I have found to work a lot better than typical cleaning chemicals. In keeping to this focus, I will be learning and sharing how to start a garden while living in a new climate. My goal will be to grow my own vegetables and fruit so that I can make my own organic baby food. I’m excited to start this new adventure and I hope that you will come along with me to learn from my successes and challenges. Till next time, Hooah!

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