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It's only cool to take pictures of your food if you grow it !

Frees, Holyrood Kansas

mms_picture-14mms_picture-18My rose garden is growing in size every year. When I buy I order from Edmonds Roses. They have pictures of every rose, the fragrance, how many pedals each flower has, and the flower size. I always like the hybrid tea rose as they have a long, single flower. I buy one that has a good fragrance. During the summer my vases are full of the fragrant flower. Roses do not require a lot of work once they are established. In the spring I fertilize with Bayer Rose Complete It also has disease control added to it. I sprinkle the granules around the rose plant and work it into the soil every six weeks. Be sure and water them once a week during the dry summer months, being careful not to get their pedals wet. In the fall Jim trims them and we cover them with a straw mulch to protect them from our cold winters.



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Tub planting

Tub planting

Spring Flower Garden

Spring Flower Garden






Potato Patch



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