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Fall planting

I Started My Fall Garden Back in August, but I wanted to give everything a chance to grow  before I did a post about it. I live in Zone 9b and in the fall, Lettuces, Cabbages, Kale’s, Spinach’s, Radishes all do really well here.



In the summer we are frequently plagued with tons and tons of rain and while it may seem like a blessing to not have to water your garden all summer, I ended up having most of my tomatoes split and almost lost my Spicy Basil.   It’s Mid October here and Still in the High 80’s Daily we are getting a lot less rain now which means I need to water more.

Because  it typically stays pretty hot here most of the year, I planted some other things like Tomatillos , and then My Mexican Gherkins ( small sour cucumbers) are still going also. This is my first time growing Tomatillos and they are really doing great. I haven’t seen many bees around so I took it upon myself to self pollinate them as I wanted to make sure I got some.

One thing about Tomatillos is they are not self pollinating which means you need to grow at least two plants so that they can pollinate off of each other. I planted the seeds directly in my pots outside 3 tomatillos back in August and wow did they take off. They are already up to my shoulders and I’m about 5’9.



Here is  link to a planting chart that gives time frames for when you can start your fall planting.

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