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Easy Homemade Christmas Recipes

Every year during the holidays I spend tons of time pinning and searching through Christmas recipes to find things to cook for the big Christmas dinner. I always make Way too much food am way to stressed out and that’s just the way I like it.  One of the things I always do to deplete at least some of my stress is to buy tin bake ware so that  I can at least cut down on some of my time spent washing dishes.  Some of the staples that are always at our Christmas table are Corn bread stuffing , creamed corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes , a Turkey and tons of deserts. One of the Things I’ve made the last several years is homemade Toffee. I think most people assume that it’s much more complicated then it really is which is a plus in my book for several reasons.. 1. it takes very little time. 2. people are always impressed. and 3. it takes very little time.  Making toffee is mostly just Sugar and butter. depending on which recipe you use it may be brown sugar or white, but typically I prefer brown. along with that you will also need semi sweet chocolate chips and them nuts if you like. I typically go with pecans. First you want to chop your pecans and then spread them out over your cooking pan that you have already lines with parchment paper. phone 266 Set this aside you won’t need it for a few more minutes.  At this point you may also want to pre heat your oven to 350 degrees. Then you want to get out your Sugar ( 1 cup)  and butter ( 1 cup unsalted)  and then you will also add in 1/2 tsp vanilla and a little bit of salt ( about a 1/4 a tsp).  In a small pot melt your butter and then add in your sugar salt and vanilla and stir almost constantly. Pretty much the only way you can ruin toffee is by burning or scalding it so you want to make sure to stir it almost constantly and then also make sure you do not start your burner out too hot.  since we bought out new stove about a year ago I’ve learned alot about how hot my burners need or do not need to be. Our previous stove was not very good and I had to turn our glass top burners up all the way in order for them to cook anything at all.

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Dairy products scald pretty easy so this isn’t something that you want to do.  For toffee you want to bring it too a boil for a few minutes until it turned a caramel color ( if using white sugar) then once you have done that take your sugar butter mixture and pour it evenly over the pecans that you already have spread out on your baking sheet.Give it a moment to spread around and cover your nuts and then sprinkle your chocolate chips ( about 1 cup) over the top and put he pan in the oven for about 10 min to give the chips time to melt so that you can spread them out to create your chocolate layer. Once you have done that it needs to cool.  I have no patience so I put it in the freezer.  Once it has hardened you can break it up. That’s it ! phone 270

Homemade Pecan toffee 1 cup sugar 1 cup unsalted butter 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp salt 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips 1 cup nuts if you would like Corn Bread Stuffing Since getting married, a few of our Holiday traditions have altered a little bit to incorporate some of the things that my husband likes. One of these is corn bread stuffing. Which I have come to learn is way better than regular stuffing.  I like to make the cornbread a day or so ahead of time to cut down on my x-mas day prep work, and I figure a lot of people use stale bread anyways so who really cares if it gets a little dry. For the cornbread any cornbread will do.  I cheated and used the kind from the box. For the rest of it I don’t really follow on exact recipe I just use a ton of herbs from the garden including Basil, oregano , thyme, sage and rosemary.  And this year I also pulled a bunch of my little carrots up for for the stuffing and i also added in a large sweet potato, onion, green onions, and some celery. You will also need broth some butter,2 eggs  and salt and pepper.

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First you want to cut your cornbread into squares and dump it in a  large bowl, I use a very large bowl because I like room to work, or in other words I like room to not spill. Add in all of your ingredients saving the broth for last and mix well. I find that Corn bread stuffing really gets a lot more compliments and also it’s okay if you want to use a boxed cornbread recipe that includes some honey, it’s not necessary but it does add a little sweetness which works well if you are also using a sweet potato. Also if you can seriously grow a bunch of different color carrots as they are fairly self sufficient and its a wonderful way to add additional color to the stuffing.

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Broccoli Ranch Potatoes   Don’t fool yourself into thinking these are healthy because they have broccoli in them.. They aren’t you could possibly make them healthier with some alterations but they are very fattening.. which means this is the perfect Christmas Recipe for Christmas dinner.  You will need about a head of chopped  broccoli, 8-10 potatoes chopped , boiled and mashed , onion and then ranch dressing , and mozzarella cheese . These potatoes are kind of a lot of work.  IF you can believe it you can actually make it more work by making these at twice baked potatoes, which are great but I’m just not up for that.  Once you have all your ingredients chopped and your potatoes boiled you will want to brown your onions in some butter. phone 350

Dump this over your potatoes and mash them all together adding in some complete seasoning pepper, and ranch dressing.  I use alot of ranch dressing. I also like to add in some ranch dressing mix from the packets If you are looking to make this recipe a little bit healthier I’d suggest swamping out some of the butter adding in some milk and then using all ranch dressing mix from the packet and not using any actual ranch dressing.  But like I said it’s Christmas so you might as well go for it cause they are great.  Mix this up fairly well then add in several handfuls of Mozzarella cheese  and some Parmesan then add in your broccoli. and stir some more. Scoop into a baking dish cover with more cheese cover with foil or a lid and bake at 375 for about 40 min. Yum!

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