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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Love!


Sophia made this sweet card for Ryan and I in school for Valentine’s Day, or as Sophia says, Balentime’s Day! Ryan had to work late and Sophia had soccer, so we didn’t do anything big to celebrate the holiday. Sophia and I actually had a “girls night” and we made chocolate covered strawberries, ate our favorite foods (mac and cheese and asparagus), and snuggled up and watched some shows!

All my friends had been posting pictures of their perfectly beautiful strawberries they were getting from loved ones and I thought “I can do that”! So I bought big strawberries and some almond bark, white and milk chocolate, and decided to try to dunk the strawberries in the milk chocolate and then do the pretty drizzle with the white chocolate! Well, you know those hilarious “nailed it” pictures from failed attempts at Pinterest projects! That is how my strawberries turned out! The chocolate kept drying up and I cannot do the pretty drizzle! So, here is how they are supposed to look and a picture of my failed attempt! Feel free to laugh, because I sure did! They tasted fabulous and I had a blast making them with Sophia and that’s all that matters!!


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